A framework for deep energy-based reinforcement learning with quantum speed-up

  • 2019-10-28 15:41:19
  • Sofiene Jerbi, Hendrik Poulsen Nautrup, Lea M. Trenkwalder, Hans J. Briegel, Vedran Dunjko
  • 5


In the past decade, deep learning methods have seen tremendous success invarious supervised and unsupervised learning tasks such as classification andgenerative modeling. More recently, deep neural networks have emerged in thedomain of reinforcement learning as a tool to solve decision-making problems ofunprecedented complexity, e.g., navigation problems or game-playing AI. Despitethe successful combinations of ideas from quantum computing with machinelearning methods, there have been relatively few attempts to design quantumalgorithms that would enhance deep reinforcement learning. This is partly dueto the fact that quantum enhancements of deep neural networks, in general, havenot been as extensively investigated as other quantum machine learning methods.In contrast, projective simulation is a reinforcement learning model inspiredby the stochastic evolution of physical systems that enables a quantum speed-upin decision making. In this paper, we develop a unifying framework thatconnects deep learning and projective simulation, opening the route to quantumimprovements in deep reinforcement learning. Our approach is based on so-calledgenerative energy-based models to design reinforcement learning methods with acomputational advantage in solving complex and large-scale decision-makingproblems.


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