Predicting Auction Price of Vehicle License Plate with Deep Recurrent Neural Network

  • 2019-10-08 16:25:45
  • Vinci Chow
  • 0


In Chinese societies, superstition is of paramount importance, and vehiclelicense plates with desirable numbers can fetch very high prices in auctions.Unlike other valuable items, license plates are not allocated an estimatedprice before auction. I propose that the task of predicting plate prices can beviewed as a natural language processing (NLP) task, as the value depends on themeaning of each individual character on the plate and its semantics. Iconstruct a deep recurrent neural network (RNN) to predict the prices ofvehicle license plates in Hong Kong, based on the characters on a plate. Idemonstrate the importance of having a deep network and of retraining.Evaluated on 13 years of historical auction prices, the deep RNN's predictionscan explain over 80 percent of price variations, outperforming previous modelsby a significant margin. I also demonstrate how the model can be extended tobecome a search engine for plates and to provide estimates of the expectedprice distribution.


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