AI Assisted Annotator using Reinforcement Learning

  • 2019-10-02 22:57:42
  • V. Ratna Saripalli, Gopal Avinash, Charles W. Anderson
  • 1


Healthcare data suffers from both noise and lack of ground truth. The cost ofdata increases as it is cleaned and annotated in healthcare. Unlike other datasets, medical data annotation, which is critical to accurate ground truth,requires medical domain expertise for a better patient outcome. In this work,we report on the use of reinforcement learning to mimic the decision makingprocess of annotators for medical events, to automate annotation and labelling.The reinforcement agent learns to annotate alarm data based on annotations doneby an expert. Our method shows promising results on medical alarm data sets. Wetrained DQN and A2C agents using the data from monitoring devices that isannotated by an expert. Initial results from these RL agents learning theexpert annotation behavior is promising. The A2C agent performs better in termsof learning the sparse events in a given state, thereby choosing more rightactions compared to DQN agent. To the best of our knowledge, this is the firstreinforcement learning application for the automation of medical eventsannotation, which has far-reaching practical use.


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