• 2019-08-07 15:59:57
  • Arip Asadulaev
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The field of Machine Learning research is divided into subject areas, whereeach area tries to solve a specific problem, using specific methods. In recentyears, borders have almost been erased, and many areas inherit methods fromother areas. This trend leads to better results and the number of papers in thefield is growing every year. The problem is that the amount of information isalso growing, and many methods remain unknown in a large number of papers. Inthis work, we propose the concept of inheritance between machine learningmodels, which allows conducting research, processing much less information, andpay attention to previously unnoticed models. We hope that this project willallow researchers to find ways to improve their ideas. In addition, it can beused by researchers to publish their methods too. Project is available by link:


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