Exploring Conditioning for Generative Music Systems with Human-Interpretable Controls

  • 2019-07-11 13:50:53
  • Nicholas Meade, Nicholas Barreyre, Scott C. Lowe, Sageev Oore
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Performance RNN is a machine-learning system designed primarily for thegeneration of solo piano performances using an event-based (rather than audio)representation. More specifically, Performance RNN is a long short-term memory(LSTM) based recurrent neural network that models polyphonic music withexpressive timing and dynamics (Oore et al., 2018). The neural network uses asimple language model based on the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI)file format. Performance RNN is trained on the e-Piano Junior CompetitionDataset (International Piano e-Competition, 2018), a collection of solo pianoperformances by expert pianists. As an artistic tool, one of the limitations ofthe original model has been the lack of useable controls. The standard form ofPerformance RNN can generate interesting pieces, but little control is providedover what specifically is generated. This paper explores a set ofconditioning-based controls used to influence the generation process.


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