Evolutionary Algorithm for Sinhala to English Translation

  • 2019-07-06 22:51:28
  • J. K. Joseph, W. M. T. Chathurika, A. Nugaliyadde, Y. Mallawarachchi
  • 1


Machine Translation (MT) is an area in natural language processing, whichfocus on translating from one language to another. Many approaches ranging fromstatistical methods to deep learning approaches are used in order to achieveMT. However, these methods either require a large number of data or a clearunderstanding about the language. Sinhala language has less digital text whichcould be used to train a deep neural network. Furthermore, Sinhala has complexrules therefore, it is harder to create statistical rules in order to applystatistical methods in MT. This research focuses on Sinhala to Englishtranslation using an Evolutionary Algorithm (EA). EA is used to identifying thecorrect meaning of Sinhala text and to translate it to English. The Sinhalatext is passed to identify the meaning in order to get the correct meaning ofthe sentence. With the use of the EA the translation is carried out. Thetranslated text is passed on to grammatically correct the sentence. This hasshown to achieve accurate results.


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