Advances in Natural Language Question Answering: A Review

  • 2019-04-10 16:26:51
  • K. S. D. Ishwari, A. K. R. R. Aneeze, S. Sudheesan, H. J. D. A. Karunaratne, A. Nugaliyadde, Y. Mallawarrachchi
  • 1


Question Answering has recently received high attention from artificialintelligence communities due to the advancements in learning technologies.Early question answering models used rule-based approaches and moved to thestatistical approach to address the vastly available information. However,statistical approaches are shown to underperform in handling the dynamic natureand the variation of language. Therefore, learning models have shown thecapability of handling the dynamic nature and variations in language. Many deeplearning methods have been introduced to question answering. Most of the deeplearning approaches have shown to achieve higher results compared to machinelearning and statistical methods. The dynamic nature of language has profitedfrom the nonlinear learning in deep learning. This has created prominentsuccess and a spike in work on question answering. This paper discusses thesuccesses and challenges in question answering question answering systems andtechniques that are used in these challenges.


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