Safe exploration of nonlinear dynamical systems: A predictive safety filter for reinforcement learning

  • 2019-04-04 15:01:48
  • Kim P. Wabersich, Melanie N. Zeilinger
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The transfer of reinforcement learning (RL) techniques into real-worldapplications is challenged by safety requirements in the presence of physicallimitations. Most RL methods, in particular the most popular algorithms, do notsupport explicit consideration of state and input constraints. In this paper,we address this problem for nonlinear systems with continuous state and inputspaces by introducing a predictive safety filter, which is able to turn aconstrained dynamical system into an unconstrained safe system, to which any RLalgorithm can be applied `out-of-the-box'. The predictive safety filterreceives the proposed learning input and decides, based on the current systemstate, if it can be safely applied to the real system, or if it has to bemodified otherwise. Safety is thereby established by a continuously updatedsafety policy, which is based on a model predictive control formulation using adata-driven system model and considering state and input dependentuncertainties.


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