Deep Reinforcement Learning on a Budget: 3D Control and Reasoning Without a Supercomputer

  • 2019-04-03 07:15:46
  • Edward Beeching, Christian Wolf, Jilles Dibangoye, Olivier Simonin
  • 5


An important goal of research in Deep Reinforcement Learning in mobilerobotics is to train agents capable of solving complex tasks, which require ahigh level of scene understanding and reasoning from an egocentric perspective.When trained from simulations, optimal environments should satisfy a currentlyunobtainable combination of high-fidelity photographic observations, massiveamounts of different environment configurations and fast simulation speeds. Inthis paper we argue that research on training agents capable of complexreasoning can be simplified by decoupling from the requirement of high fidelityphotographic observations. We present a suite of tasks requiring complexreasoning and exploration in continuous, partially observable 3D environments.The objective is to provide challenging scenarios and a robust baseline agentarchitecture that can be trained on mid-range consumer hardware in under 24h.Our scenarios combine two key advantages: (i) they are based on a simple buthighly efficient 3D environment (ViZDoom) which allows high speed simulation(12000fps); (ii) the scenarios provide the user with a range of difficultysettings, in order to identify the limitations of current state of the artalgorithms and network architectures. We aim to increase accessibility to thefield of Deep-RL by providing baselines for challenging scenarios where newideas can be iterated on quickly. We argue that the community should be able toaddress challenging problems in reasoning of mobile agents without the need fora large compute infrastructure.


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