Looking for the Devil in the Details: Learning Trilinear Attention Sampling Network for Fine-grained Image Recognition

  • 2019-03-14 17:52:18
  • Heliang Zheng, Jianlong Fu, Zheng-Jun Zha, Jiebo Luo
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Learning subtle yet discriminative features (e.g., beak and eyes for a bird)plays a significant role in fine-grained image recognition. Existingattention-based approaches localize and amplify significant parts to learnfine-grained details, which often suffer from a limited number of parts andheavy computational cost. In this paper, we propose to learn such fine-grainedfeatures from hundreds of part proposals by Trilinear Attention SamplingNetwork (TASN) in an efficient teacher-student manner. Specifically, TASNconsists of 1) a trilinear attention module, which generates attention maps bymodeling the inter-channel relationships, 2) an attention-based sampler whichhighlights attended parts with high resolution, and 3) a feature distiller,which distills part features into a global one by weight sharing and featurepreserving strategies. Extensive experiments verify that TASN yields the bestperformance under the same settings with the most competitive approaches, iniNaturalist-2017, CUB-Bird, and Stanford-Cars datasets.


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