Deep Reinforcement Learning for Time Optimal Velocity Control using Prior Knowledge

  • 2019-03-12 07:49:48
  • Gabriel Hartmann, Zvi Shiller, Amos Azaria
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While autonomous navigation has recently gained great interest in the fieldof reinforcement learning, only a few works in this field have focused on thetime optimal velocity control problem, i.e. controlling a vehicle such that ittravels at the maximal speed without becoming dynamically unstable. Achievingmaximal speed is important in many situations, such as emergency vehiclestraveling at high speeds to their destinations, and regular vehicles executingemergency maneuvers to avoid imminent collisions. Time optimal velocity controlcan be solved numerically using existing methods that are based on optimalcontrol and vehicle dynamics. In this paper, we use deep reinforcement learningto generate the time optimal velocity control. Furthermore, we use thenumerical solution to further improve the performance of the reinforcementlearner. It is shown that the reinforcement learner outperforms the numericallyderived solution, and that the hybrid approach (combining learning with thenumerical solution) speeds up the learning process.


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