Sample-Efficient Model-Free Reinforcement Learning with Off-Policy Critics

  • 2019-03-11 09:59:58
  • Denis Steckelmacher, Hélène Plisnier, Diederik M. Roijers, Ann Nowé
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Value-based reinforcement-learning algorithms are currently state-of-the-artin model-free discrete-action settings, and tend to outperform actor-criticalgorithms. We argue that actor-critic algorithms are currently limited bytheir need for an on-policy critic, which severely constraints how the criticis learned. We propose Bootstrapped Dual Policy Iteration (BDPI), a novelmodel-free actor-critic reinforcement-learning algorithm for continuous statesand discrete actions, with off-policy critics. Off-policy critics arecompatible with experience replay, ensuring high sample-efficiency, without theneed for off-policy corrections. The actor, by slowly imitating the averagegreedy policy of the critics, leads to high-quality and state-specificexploration, which we show approximates Thompson sampling. Because the actorand critics are fully decoupled, BDPI is remarkably stable and, contrary toother state-of-the-art algorithms, unusually forgiving for poorly-configuredhyper-parameters. BDPI is significantly more sample-efficient compared toBootstrapped DQN, PPO, A3C and ACKTR, on a variety of tasks. Source code:


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