Robust Recovery Controller for a Quadrupedal Robot using Deep Reinforcement Learning

  • 2019-01-22 18:45:42
  • Joonho Lee, Jemin Hwangbo, Marco Hutter
  • 33


The ability to recover from a fall is an essential feature for a legged robotto navigate in challenging environments robustly. Until today, there has beenvery little progress on this topic. Current solutions mostly build upon(heuristically) predefined trajectories, resulting in unnatural behaviors andrequiring considerable effort in engineering system-specific components. Inthis paper, we present an approach based on model-free Deep ReinforcementLearning (RL) to control recovery maneuvers of quadrupedal robots using ahierarchical behavior-based controller. The controller consists of four neuralnetwork policies including three behaviors and one behavior selector tocoordinate them. Each of them is trained individually in simulation anddeployed directly on a real system. We experimentally validate our approach onthe quadrupedal robot ANYmal, which is a dog-sized quadrupedal system with 12degrees of freedom. With our method, ANYmal manifests dynamic and reactiverecovery behaviors to recover from an arbitrary fall configuration within lessthan 5 seconds. We tested the recovery maneuver more than 100 times, and thesuccess rate was higher than 97 %.


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