Automating the search for a patent's prior art with a full text similarity search

  • 2019-01-10 13:04:25
  • Lea Helmers, Franziska Horn, Franziska Biegler, Tim Oppermann, Klaus-Robert Müller
  • 4


More than ever, technical inventions are the symbol of our society's advance.Patents guarantee their creators protection against infringement. For aninvention being patentable, its novelty and inventiveness have to be assessed.Therefore, a search for published work that describes similar inventions to agiven patent application needs to be performed. Currently, this so-calledsearch for prior art is executed with semi-automatically composed keywordqueries, which is not only time consuming, but also prone to errors. Inparticular, errors may systematically arise by the fact that different keywordsfor the same technical concepts may exist across disciplines. In this paper, anovel approach is proposed, where the full text of a given patent applicationis compared to existing patents using machine learning and natural languageprocessing techniques to automatically detect inventions that are similar tothe one described in the submitted document. Various state-of-the-artapproaches for feature extraction and document comparison are evaluated. Inaddition to that, the quality of the current search process is assessed basedon ratings of a domain expert. The evaluation results show that our automatedapproach, besides accelerating the search process, also improves the searchresults for prior art with respect to their quality.


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