Sentiment Analysis of Czech Texts: An Algorithmic Survey

  • 2019-01-09 15:30:39
  • Erion Çano, Ondřej Bojar
  • 4


In the area of online communication, commerce and transactions, analyzingsentiment polarity of texts written in various natural languages has becomecrucial. While there have been a lot of contributions in resources and studiesfor the English language, "smaller" languages like Czech have not received muchattention. In this survey, we explore the effectiveness of many existingmachine learning algorithms for sentiment analysis of Czech Facebook posts andproduct reviews. We report the sets of optimal parameter values for eachalgorithm and the scores in both datasets. We finally observe that supportvector machines are the best classifier and efforts to increase performanceeven more with bagging, boosting or voting ensemble schemes fail to do so.


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