Sheaves: A Topological Approach to Big Data

  • 2019-01-04 23:44:47
  • Linas Vepstas
  • 25


This document develops general concepts useful for extracting knowledgeembedded in large graphs or datasets that have pair-wise relationships, such ascause-effect-type relations. Almost no underlying assumptions are made, otherthan that the data can be presented in terms of pair-wise relationships betweenobjects/events. This assumption is used to mine for patterns in the dataset,defining a reduced graph or dataset that boils-down or concentrates informationinto a more compact form. The resulting extracted structure or set of patternsare manifestly symbolic in nature, as they capture and encode the graphstructure of the dataset in terms of a (generative) grammar. This structure isidentified as having the formal mathematical structure of a sheaf. In essence,this paper introduces the basic concepts of sheaf theory into the domain ofgraphical datasets.


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