A dual mode adaptive basal-bolus advisor based on reinforcement learning

  • 2019-01-07 14:09:26
  • Qingnan Sun, Marko V. Jankovic, João Budzinski, Brett Moore, Peter Diem, Christoph Stettler, Stavroula G. Mougiakakou
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Self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) and continuous glucose monitoring(CGM) are commonly used by type 1 diabetes (T1D) patients to measure glucoseconcentrations. The proposed adaptive basal-bolus algorithm (ABBA) supportsinputs from either SMBG or CGM devices to provide personalised suggestions forthe daily basal rate and prandial insulin doses on the basis of the patients'glucose level on the previous day. The ABBA is based on reinforcement learning(RL), a type of artificial intelligence, and was validated in silico with anFDA-accepted population of 100 adults under different realistic scenarioslasting three simulated months. The scenarios involve three main meals and onebedtime snack per day, along with different variabilities and uncertainties forinsulin sensitivity, mealtime, carbohydrate amount, and glucose measurementtime. The results indicate that the proposed approach achieves comparableperformance with CGM or SMBG as input signals, without influencing the totaldaily insulin dose. The results are a promising indication that AI algorithmicapproaches can provide personalised adaptive insulin optimisation and achieveglucose control - independently of the type of glucose monitoring technology.


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