DeepTraffic: Crowdsourced Hyperparameter Tuning of Deep Reinforcement Learning Systems for Multi-Agent Dense Traffic Navigation

  • 2019-01-03 01:36:43
  • Lex Fridman, Jack Terwilliger, Benedikt Jenik
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We present a traffic simulation named DeepTraffic where the planning systemsfor a subset of the vehicles are handled by a neural network as part of amodel-free, off-policy reinforcement learning process. The primary goal ofDeepTraffic is to make the hands-on study of deep reinforcement learningaccessible to thousands of students, educators, and researchers in order toinspire and fuel the exploration and evaluation of deep Q-learning networkvariants and hyperparameter configurations through large-scale, opencompetition. This paper investigates the crowd-sourced hyperparameter tuning ofthe policy network that resulted from the first iteration of the DeepTrafficcompetition where thousands of participants actively searched through thehyperparameter space.


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