Face Recognition: A Novel Multi-Level Taxonomy based Survey

  • 2019-01-03 13:47:53
  • Alireza Sepas-Moghaddam, Fernando Pereira, Paulo Lobato Correia
  • 20


In a world where security issues have been gaining growing importance, facerecognition systems have attracted increasing attention in multiple applicationareas, ranging from forensics and surveillance to commerce and entertainment.To help understanding the landscape and abstraction levels relevant for facerecognition systems, face recognition taxonomies allow a deeper dissection andcomparison of the existing solutions. This paper proposes a new, moreencompassing and richer multi-level face recognition taxonomy, facilitating theorganization and categorization of available and emerging face recognitionsolutions; this taxonomy may also guide researchers in the development of moreefficient face recognition solutions. The proposed multi-level taxonomyconsiders levels related to the face structure, feature support and featureextraction approach. Following the proposed taxonomy, a comprehensive survey ofrepresentative face recognition solutions is presented. The paper concludeswith a discussion on current algorithmic and application related challengeswhich may define future research directions for face recognition.


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