Dense Adaptive Cascade Forest: A Self Adaptive Deep Ensemble for Classification Problems

  • 2018-12-05 16:54:01
  • Haiyang Wang, Yong Tang, Ziyang Jia, Fei Ye
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Recent researches have shown that deep forest ensemble achieves aconsiderable increase in classification accuracy compared with the generalensemble learning methods, especially when the training set is small. In thispaper, we take advantage of deep forest ensemble and introduce the DenseAdaptive Cascade Forest (daForest). Our model has a better performance than theoriginal Cascade Forest with three major features: first, we apply SAMME.Rboosting algorithm to improve the performance of the model. It guarantees theimprovement as the number of layers increases. Second, our model connects eachlayer to the subsequent ones in a feed-forward fashion, which enhances thecapability of the model to resist performance degeneration. Third, we add ahyper-parameters optimization layer before the first classification layer,making our model spend less time to set up and find the optimalhyper-parameters. Experimental results show that daForest performssignificantly well, and in some cases, even outperforms neural networks andachieves state-of-the-art results.


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