An Introduction to Deep Reinforcement Learning

  • 2018-11-30 00:57:30
  • Vincent Francois-Lavet, Peter Henderson, Riashat Islam, Marc G. Bellemare, Joelle Pineau
  • 374


Deep reinforcement learning is the combination of reinforcement learning (RL)and deep learning. This field of research has been able to solve a wide rangeof complex decision-making tasks that were previously out of reach for amachine. Thus, deep RL opens up many new applications in domains such ashealthcare, robotics, smart grids, finance, and many more. This manuscriptprovides an introduction to deep reinforcement learning models, algorithms andtechniques. Particular focus is on the aspects related to generalization andhow deep RL can be used for practical applications. We assume the reader isfamiliar with basic machine learning concepts.


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