Real Time Bangladeshi Sign Language Detection using Faster R-CNN

  • 2018-11-30 14:25:04
  • Oishee Bintey Hoque, Mohammad Imrul Jubair, Md. Saiful Islam, Al-Farabi Akash, Alvin Sachie Paulson
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Bangladeshi Sign Language (BdSL) is a commonly used medium of communicationfor the hearing-impaired people in Bangladesh. Developing a real time system todetect these signs from images is a great challenge. In this paper, we presenta technique to detect BdSL from images that performs in real time. Our methoduses Convolutional Neural Network based object detection technique to detectthe presence of signs in the image region and to recognize its class. For thispurpose, we adopted Faster Region-based Convolutional Network approach anddeveloped a dataset $-$ BdSLImset $-$ to train our system. Previous researchworks in detecting BdSL generally depend on external devices while most of theother vision-based techniques do not perform efficiently in real time. Ourapproach, however, is free from such limitations and the experimental resultsdemonstrate that the proposed method successfully identifies and recognizesBangladeshi signs in real time.


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