Tuplemax Loss for Language Identification

  • 2018-11-29 16:28:49
  • Li Wan, Prashant Sridhar, Yang Yu, Quan Wang, Ignacio Lopez Moreno
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In many scenarios of a language identification task, the user will specify asmall set of languages which he/she can speak instead of a large set of allpossible languages. We want to model such prior knowledge into the way we trainour neural networks, by replacing the commonly used softmax loss function witha novel loss function named tuplemax loss. As a matter of fact, a typicallanguage identification system launched in North America has about 95% userswho could speak no more than two languages. Using the tuplemax loss, our systemachieved a 2.33% error rate, which is a relative 39.4% improvement over the3.85% error rate of standard softmax loss method.


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