Deep Reinforcement Learning for Time Optimal Velocity Control using Prior Knowledge

  • 2018-11-28 15:14:39
  • Gabriel Hartman, Zvi Shiller, Amos Azaria
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While autonomous navigation has recently gained great interest in the fieldof reinforcement learning, only a few works in this field have focused on thetime optimal velocity control problem, i.e. controlling a vehicle such that ittravels at the maximal stable speed. Achieving maximal stable speed isimportant in many situations, such as emergency vehicles traveling at highspeeds to their destinations, and regular vehicles executing emergencymaneuvers to avoid imminent collisions. Traditionally, time optimal velocitycontrol is solved by numerical computations that are based on optimal controland vehicle dynamics. In this paper, we show that a deep reinforcement learningmethod for the time optimal velocity control problem outperforms a numericallyderived solution. We propose a method for using the numerical solution tofurther improve the performance of the reinforcement learner, especially atearly stages of learning. This result may contribute to the optimal control ofrobots in applications where some analytical model is available.


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