Deep Reinforcement Learning: An Overview

  • 2018-11-26 04:56:31
  • Yuxi Li
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We give an overview of recent exciting achievements of deep reinforcementlearning (RL). We discuss six core elements, six important mechanisms, andtwelve applications. We start with background of machine learning, deeplearning and reinforcement learning. Next we discuss core RL elements,including value function, in particular, Deep Q-Network (DQN), policy, reward,model, planning, and exploration. After that, we discuss important mechanismsfor RL, including attention and memory, unsupervised learning, transferlearning, multi-agent RL, hierarchical RL, and learning to learn. Then wediscuss various applications of RL, including games, in particular, AlphaGo,robotics, natural language processing, including dialogue systems, machinetranslation, and text generation, computer vision, neural architecture design,business management, finance, healthcare, Industry 4.0, smart grid, intelligenttransportation systems, and computer systems. We mention topics not reviewedyet, and list a collection of RL resources. After presenting a brief summary,we close with discussions. Please see Deep Reinforcement Learning, arXiv:1810.06339, for a significantupdate.


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Conclusion (beta)