Iterative Classroom Teaching

  • 2018-11-08 16:34:14
  • Teresa Yeo, Parameswaran Kamalaruban, Adish Singla, Arpit Merchant, Thibault Asselborn, Louis Faucon, Pierre Dillenbourg, Volkan Cevher
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We consider the machine teaching problem in a classroom-like setting whereinthe teacher has to deliver the same examples to a diverse group of students.Their diversity stems from differences in their initial internal states as wellas their learning rates. We prove that a teacher with full knowledge about thelearning dynamics of the students can teach a target concept to the entireclassroom using O(min{d,N} log(1/eps)) examples, where d is the ambientdimension of the problem, N is the number of learners, and eps is the accuracyparameter. We show the robustness of our teaching strategy when the teacher haslimited knowledge of the learners' internal dynamics as provided by a noisyoracle. Further, we study the trade-off between the learners' workload and theteacher's cost in teaching the target concept. Our experiments validate ourtheoretical results and suggest that appropriately partitioning the classroominto homogenous groups provides a balance between these two objectives.


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