Re-evaluating Continual Learning Scenarios: A Categorization and Case for Strong Baselines

  • 2018-11-08 16:50:11
  • Yen-Chang Hsu, Yen-Cheng Liu, Zsolt Kira
  • 1


Continual learning has received a great deal of attention recently withseveral approaches being proposed. However, evaluations involve a diverse setof scenarios making meaningful comparison difficult. This work provides asystematic categorization of the scenarios and evaluates them within aconsistent framework including strong baselines and state-of-the-art methods.The results provide an understanding of the relative difficulty of thescenarios and that simple baselines (Adagrad, L2 regularization, and naiverehearsal strategies) can surprisingly achieve similar performance to currentmainstream methods. We conclude with several suggestions for creating harderevaluation scenarios and future research directions.


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