Manifold Learning of Four-dimensional Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy

  • 2018-11-08 17:42:41
  • Xin Li, Ondrej E. Dyck, Mark P. Oxley, Andrew R. Lupini, Leland McInnes, John Healy, Stephen Jesse, Sergei V. Kalinin
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Four-dimensional scanning transmission electron microscopy (4D-STEM) of localatomic diffraction patterns is emerging as a powerful technique for probingintricate details of atomic structure and atomic electric fields. However,efficient processing and interpretation of large volumes of data remainchallenging, especially for two-dimensional or light materials because thediffraction signal recorded on the pixelated arrays is weak. Here we employdata-driven manifold leaning approaches for straightforward visualization andexploration analysis of the 4D-STEM datasets, distilling real-space neighboringeffects on atomically resolved deflection patterns from single-layer graphene,with single dopant atoms, as recorded on a pixelated detector. These extractedpatterns relate to both individual atom sites and sublattice structures,effectively discriminating single dopant anomalies via multi-mode views. Webelieve manifold learning analysis will accelerate physics discoveries coupledbetween data-rich imaging mechanisms and materials such as ferroelectric,topological spin and van der Waals heterostructures.


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