Compositional Language Understanding with Text-based Relational Reasoning

  • 2018-11-08 02:32:05
  • Koustuv Sinha, Shagun Sodhani, William L. Hamilton, Joelle Pineau
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Neural networks for natural language reasoning have largely focused onextractive, fact-based question-answering (QA) and common-sense inference.However, it is also crucial to understand the extent to which neural networkscan perform relational reasoning and combinatorial generalization from naturallanguage---abilities that are often obscured by annotation artifacts and thedominance of language modeling in standard QA benchmarks. In this work, wepresent a novel benchmark dataset for language understanding that isolatesperformance on relational reasoning. We also present a neural message-passingbaseline and show that this model, which incorporates a relational inductivebias, is superior at combinatorial generalization compared to a traditionalrecurrent neural network approach.


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