Pymc-learn: Practical Probabilistic Machine Learning in Python

  • 2018-10-31 22:54:12
  • Daniel Emaasit
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$\textit{Pymc-learn}$ is a Python package providing a variety ofstate-of-the-art probabilistic models for supervised and unsupervised machinelearning. It is inspired by $\textit{scikit-learn}$ and focuses on bringingprobabilistic machine learning to non-specialists. It uses a general-purposehigh-level language that mimics $\textit{scikit-learn}$. Emphasis is put onease of use, productivity, flexibility, performance, documentation, and an APIconsistent with $\textit{scikit-learn}$. It depends on $\textit{scikit-learn}$and $\textit{pymc3}$ and is distributed under the new BSD-3 license,encouraging its use in both academia and industry. Source code, binaries, anddocumentation are available on


Introduction (beta)



Conclusion (beta)