Automated Speed and Lane Change Decision Making using Deep Reinforcement Learning

  • 2018-11-01 15:18:22
  • Carl-Johan Hoel, Krister Wolff, Leo Laine
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This paper introduces a method, based on deep reinforcement learning, forautomatically generating a general purpose decision making function. A DeepQ-Network agent was trained in a simulated environment to handle speed and lanechange decisions for a truck-trailer combination. In a highway driving case, itis shown that the method produced an agent that matched or surpassed theperformance of a commonly used reference model. To demonstrate the generalityof the method, the exact same algorithm was also tested by training it for anovertaking case on a road with oncoming traffic. Furthermore, a novel way ofapplying a convolutional neural network to high level input that representsinterchangeable objects is also introduced.


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