Language Modeling for Code-Switching: Evaluation, Integration of Monolingual Data, and Discriminative Training

  • 2018-10-28 22:15:32
  • Hila Gonen, Yoav Goldberg
  • 2


We focus on the problem of language modeling for code-switched language, inthe context of automatic speech recognition (ASR). Language modeling forcode-switched language is challenging for (at least) three reasons: (1) lack ofavailable large-scale code-switched data for training; (2) lack of a replicableevaluation setup that is ASR directed yet isolates language modelingperformance from the other intricacies of the ASR system; and (3) the relianceon generative modeling. We tackle these three issues: we propose anASR-motivated evaluation setup which is decoupled from an ASR system and thechoice of vocabulary, and provide an evaluation dataset for English-Spanishcode-switching. This setup lends itself to a discriminative training approach,which we demonstrate to work better than generative language modeling. Finally,we present an effective training protocol that integrates small amounts ofcode-switched data with large amounts of monolingual data, for both thegenerative and discriminative cases.


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