CAPformer: Compression-Aware Pre-trained Transformer for Low-Light Image Enhancement

  • 2024-07-09 18:25:04
  • Wang Wei, Jin Zhi
  • 0


Low-Light Image Enhancement (LLIE) has advanced with the surge in phonephotography demand, yet many existing methods neglect compression, a crucialconcern for resource-constrained phone photography. Most LLIE methods overlookthis, hindering their effectiveness. In this study, we investigate the effectsof JPEG compression on low-light images and reveal substantial information losscaused by JPEG due to widespread low pixel values in dark areas. Hence, wepropose the Compression-Aware Pre-trained Transformer (CAPformer), employing anovel pre-training strategy to learn lossless information from uncompressedlow-light images. Additionally, the proposed Brightness-Guided Self-Attention(BGSA) mechanism enhances rational information gathering. Experimentsdemonstrate the superiority of our approach in mitigating compression effectson LLIE, showcasing its potential for improving LLIE in resource-constrainedscenarios.


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