Stable Diffusion Segmentation for Biomedical Images with Single-step Reverse Process

  • 2024-07-09 18:25:27
  • Tianyu Lin, Zhiguang Chen, Zhonghao Yan, Weijiang Yu, Fudan Zheng
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Diffusion models have demonstrated their effectiveness across variousgenerative tasks. However, when applied to medical image segmentation, thesemodels encounter several challenges, including significant resource and timerequirements. They also necessitate a multi-step reverse process and multiplesamples to produce reliable predictions. To address these challenges, weintroduce the first latent diffusion segmentation model, named SDSeg, builtupon stable diffusion (SD). SDSeg incorporates a straightforward latentestimation strategy to facilitate a single-step reverse process and utilizeslatent fusion concatenation to remove the necessity for multiple samples.Extensive experiments indicate that SDSeg surpasses existing state-of-the-artmethods on five benchmark datasets featuring diverse imaging modalities.Remarkably, SDSeg is capable of generating stable predictions with a solitaryreverse step and sample, epitomizing the model's stability as implied by itsname. The code is available at


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