Non-Asymptotic Performance of Social Machine Learning Under Limited Data

  • 2024-07-09 18:39:58
  • Ping Hu, Virginia Bordignon, Mert Kayaalp, Ali H. Sayed
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This paper studies the probability of error associated with the socialmachine learning framework, which involves an independent training phasefollowed by a cooperative decision-making phase over a graph. This frameworkaddresses the problem of classifying a stream of unlabeled data in adistributed manner. In this work, we examine the classification task withlimited observations during the decision-making phase, which requires anon-asymptotic performance analysis. We establish a condition for consistenttraining and derive an upper bound on the probability of error forclassification. The results clarify the dependence on the statisticalproperties of the data and the combination policy used over the graph. Theyalso establish the exponential decay of the probability of error with respectto the number of unlabeled samples.


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