Safe and Reliable Training of Learning-Based Aerospace Controllers

  • 2024-07-09 18:58:50
  • Udayan Mandal, Guy Amir, Haoze Wu, Ieva Daukantas, Fletcher Lee Newell, Umberto Ravaioli, Baoluo Meng, Michael Durling, Kerianne Hobbs, Milan Ganai, Tobey Shim, Guy Katz, Clark Barrett
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In recent years, deep reinforcement learning (DRL) approaches have generatedhighly successful controllers for a myriad of complex domains. However, theopaque nature of these models limits their applicability in aerospace systemsand safety-critical domains, in which a single mistake can have direconsequences. In this paper, we present novel advancements in both the trainingand verification of DRL controllers, which can help ensure their safe behavior.We showcase a design-for-verification approach utilizing k-induction anddemonstrate its use in verifying liveness properties. In addition, we also givea brief overview of neural Lyapunov Barrier certificates and summarize theircapabilities on a case study. Finally, we describe several other novelreachability-based approaches which, despite failing to provide guarantees ofinterest, could be effective for verification of other DRL systems, and couldbe of further interest to the community.


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