A Rule-Based Behaviour Planner for Autonomous Driving

  • 2024-06-29 16:15:41
  • Bouchard Frederic, Sedwards Sean, Czarnecki Krzysztof
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Autonomous vehicles require highly sophisticated decision-making to determinetheir motion. This paper describes how such functionality can be achieved witha practical rule engine learned from expert driving decisions. We propose analgorithm to create and maintain a rule-based behaviour planner, using atwo-layer rule-based theory. The first layer determines a set of feasibleparametrized behaviours, given the perceived state of the environment. Fromthese, a resolution function chooses the most conservative high-level maneuver.The second layer then reconciles the parameters into a single behaviour. Todemonstrate the practicality of our approach, we report results of itsimplementation in a level-3 autonomous vehicle and its field test in an urbanenvironment.


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