Distilling Event Sequence Knowledge From Large Language Models

  • 2024-07-01 22:43:56
  • Somin Wadhwa, Oktie Hassanzadeh, Debarun Bhattacharjya, Ken Barker, Jian Ni
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Event sequence models have been found to be highly effective in the analysisand prediction of events. Building such models requires availability ofabundant high-quality event sequence data. In certain applications, however,clean structured event sequences are not available, and automated sequenceextraction results in data that is too noisy and incomplete. In this work, weexplore the use of Large Language Models (LLMs) to generate event sequencesthat can effectively be used for probabilistic event model construction. Thiscan be viewed as a mechanism of distilling event sequence knowledge from LLMs.Our approach relies on a Knowledge Graph (KG) of event concepts with partialcausal relations to guide the generative language model for causal eventsequence generation. We show that our approach can generate high-quality eventsequences, filling a knowledge gap in the input KG. Furthermore, we explore howthe generated sequences can be leveraged to discover useful and more complexstructured knowledge from pattern mining and probabilistic event models. Werelease our sequence generation code and evaluation framework, as well ascorpus of event sequence data.


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