iSign: A Benchmark for Indian Sign Language Processing

  • 2024-07-07 16:07:35
  • Abhinav Joshi, Romit Mohanty, Mounika Kanakanti, Andesha Mangla, Sudeep Choudhary, Monali Barbate, Ashutosh Modi
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Indian Sign Language has limited resources for developing machine learningand data-driven approaches for automated language processing. Thoughtext/audio-based language processing techniques have shown colossal researchinterest and tremendous improvements in the last few years, Sign Languagesstill need to catch up due to the need for more resources. To bridge this gap,in this work, we propose iSign: a benchmark for Indian Sign Language (ISL)Processing. We make three primary contributions to this work. First, we releaseone of the largest ISL-English datasets with more than 118Kvideo-sentence/phrase pairs. To the best of our knowledge, it is the largestsign language dataset available for ISL. Second, we propose multipleNLP-specific tasks (including SignVideo2Text, SignPose2Text, Text2Pose, WordPrediction, and Sign Semantics) and benchmark them with the baseline models foreasier access to the research community. Third, we provide detailed insightsinto the proposed benchmarks with a few linguistic insights into the workingsof ISL. We streamline the evaluation of Sign Language processing, addressingthe gaps in the NLP research community for Sign Languages. We release thedataset, tasks, and models via the following website:


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