Faux Polyglot: A Study on Information Disparity in Multilingual Large Language Models

  • 2024-07-07 22:26:36
  • Nikhil Sharma, Kenton Murray, Ziang Xiao
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With Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), Large Language Models (LLMs) areplaying a pivotal role in information search and are being adopted globally.Although the multilingual capability of LLMs offers new opportunities to bridgethe language barrier, do these capabilities translate into real-life scenarioswhere linguistic divide and knowledge conflicts between multilingual sourcesare known occurrences? In this paper, we studied LLM's linguistic preference ina RAG-based information search setting. We found that LLMs displayed systemicbias towards information in the same language as the query language in bothinformation retrieval and answer generation. Furthermore, in scenarios wherethere is little information in the language of the query, LLMs prefer documentsin high-resource languages, reinforcing the dominant views. Such bias existsfor both factual and opinion-based queries. Our results highlight thelinguistic divide within multilingual LLMs in information search systems. Theseemingly beneficial multilingual capability of LLMs may backfire oninformation parity by reinforcing language-specific information cocoons orfilter bubbles further marginalizing low-resource views.


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