Reinforcement Learning and Machine ethics:a systematic review

  • 2024-07-02 17:54:00
  • Ajay Vishwanath, Louise A. Dennis, Marija Slavkovik
  • 0


Machine ethics is the field that studies how ethical behaviour can beaccomplished by autonomous systems. While there exist some systematic reviewsaiming to consolidate the state of the art in machine ethics prior to 2020,these tend to not include work that uses reinforcement learning agents asentities whose ethical behaviour is to be achieved. The reason for this is thatonly in the last years we have witnessed an increase in machine ethics studieswithin reinforcement learning. We present here a systematic review ofreinforcement learning for machine ethics and machine ethics withinreinforcement learning. Additionally, we highlight trends in terms of ethicsspecifications, components and frameworks of reinforcement learning, andenvironments used to result in ethical behaviour. Our systematic review aims toconsolidate the work in machine ethics and reinforcement learning thuscompleting the gap in the state of the art machine ethics landscape


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