MolFusion: Multimodal Fusion Learning for Molecular Representations via Multi-granularity Views

  • 2024-06-26 03:26:50
  • Muzhen Cai, Sendong Zhao, Haochun Wang, Yanrui Du, Zewen Qiang, Bing Qin, Ting Liu
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Artificial Intelligence predicts drug properties by encoding drug molecules,aiding in the rapid screening of candidates. Different molecularrepresentations, such as SMILES and molecule graphs, contain complementaryinformation for molecular encoding. Thus exploiting complementary informationfrom different molecular representations is one of the research priorities inmolecular encoding. Most existing methods for combining molecularmulti-modalities only use molecular-level information, making it hard to encodeintra-molecular alignment information between different modalities. To addressthis issue, we propose a multi-granularity fusion method that is MolFusion. Theproposed MolFusion consists of two key components: (1) MolSim, amolecular-level encoding component that achieves molecular-level alignmentbetween different molecular representations. and (2) AtomAlign, an atomic-levelencoding component that achieves atomic-level alignment between differentmolecular representations. Experimental results show that MolFusion effectivelyutilizes complementary multimodal information, leading to significantimprovements in performance across various classification and regression tasks.


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