Shimo Lab at "Discharge Me!": Discharge Summarization by Prompt-Driven Concatenation of Electronic Health Record Sections

  • 2024-06-26 07:10:20
  • Yunzhen He, Hiroaki Yamagiwa, Hidetoshi Shimodaira
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In this paper, we present our approach to the shared task "Discharge Me!" atthe BioNLP Workshop 2024. The primary goal of this task is to reduce the timeand effort clinicians spend on writing detailed notes in the electronic healthrecord (EHR). Participants develop a pipeline to generate the "Brief HospitalCourse" and "Discharge Instructions" sections from the EHR. Our approachinvolves a first step of extracting the relevant sections from the EHR. We thenadd explanatory prompts to these sections and concatenate them with separatetokens to create the input text. To train a text generation model, we performLoRA fine-tuning on the ClinicalT5-large model. On the final test data, ourapproach achieved a ROUGE-1 score of $0.394$, which is comparable to the topsolutions.


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