Innovating for Tomorrow: The Convergence of SE and Green AI

  • 2024-06-26 08:47:04
  • Luís Cruz, Xavier Franch Gutierrez, Silverio Martínez-Fernández
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The latest advancements in machine learning, specifically in foundationmodels, are revolutionizing the frontiers of existing software engineering (SE)processes. This is a bi-directional phenomona, where 1) software systems arenow challenged to provide AI-enabled features to their users, and 2) AI is usedto automate tasks within the software development lifecycle. In an era wheresustainability is a pressing societal concern, our community needs to adopt along-term plan enabling a conscious transformation that aligns withenvironmental sustainability values. In this paper, we reflect on the impact ofadopting environmentally friendly practices to create AI-enabled softwaresystems and make considerations on the environmental impact of using foundationmodels for software development.


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