Spatial-temporal Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning for Interpretable Pathology Image Super-Resolution

  • 2024-06-26 13:50:10
  • Wenting Chen, Jie Liu, Tommy W. S. Chow, Yixuan Yuan
  • 0


Pathology image are essential for accurately interpreting lesion cells incytopathology screening, but acquiring high-resolution digital slides requiresspecialized equipment and long scanning times. Though super-resolution (SR)techniques can alleviate this problem, existing deep learning models recoverpathology image in a black-box manner, which can lead to untruthful biologicaldetails and misdiagnosis. Additionally, current methods allocate the samecomputational resources to recover each pixel of pathology image, leading tothe sub-optimal recovery issue due to the large variation of pathology image.In this paper, we propose the first hierarchical reinforcement learningframework named Spatial-Temporal hierARchical Reinforcement Learning (STAR-RL),mainly for addressing the aforementioned issues in pathology imagesuper-resolution problem. We reformulate the SR problem as a Markov decisionprocess of interpretable operations and adopt the hierarchical recoverymechanism in patch level, to avoid sub-optimal recovery. Specifically, thehigher-level spatial manager is proposed to pick out the most corrupted patchfor the lower-level patch worker. Moreover, the higher-level temporal manageris advanced to evaluate the selected patch and determine whether theoptimization should be stopped earlier, thereby avoiding the over-processedproblem. Under the guidance of spatial-temporal managers, the lower-level patchworker processes the selected patch with pixel-wise interpretable actions ateach time step. Experimental results on medical images degraded by differentkernels show the effectiveness of STAR-RL. Furthermore, STAR-RL validates thepromotion in tumor diagnosis with a large margin and shows generalizabilityunder various degradations. The source code is available at


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