Statistical Optimal Transport via Factored Couplings

  • 2018-10-10 16:01:34
  • Aden Forrow, Jan-Christian Hütter, Mor Nitzan, Philippe Rigollet, Geoffrey Schiebinger, Jonathan Weed
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We propose a new method to estimate Wasserstein distances and optimaltransport plans between two probability distributions from samples in highdimension. Unlike plug-in rules that simply replace the true distributions bytheir empirical counterparts, our method pro- motes couplings with lowtransport rank, a new structural assumption that is similar to the nonnegativerank of a matrix. Regularizing based on this assumption leads to drasticimprovements on high-dimensional data for various tasks, including domainadaptation in single-cell RNA sequencing data. These findings are supported bya theoretical analysis that indicates that the transport rank is key inovercoming the curse of dimensionality inherent to data-driven optimaltransport.


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