Towards Real-World Efficiency: Domain Randomization in Reinforcement Learning for Pre-Capture of Free-Floating Moving Targets by Autonomous Robots

  • 2024-06-10 17:54:51
  • Bahador Beigomi, Zheng H. Zhu
  • 0


In this research, we introduce a deep reinforcement learning-based controlapproach to address the intricate challenge of the robotic pre-grasping phaseunder microgravity conditions. Leveraging reinforcement learning eliminates thenecessity for manual feature design, therefore simplifying the problem andempowering the robot to learn pre-grasping policies through trial and error.Our methodology incorporates an off-policy reinforcement learning framework,employing the soft actor-critic technique to enable the gripper to proficientlyapproach a free-floating moving object, ensuring optimal pre-grasp success. Foreffective learning of the pre-grasping approach task, we developed a rewardfunction that offers the agent clear and insightful feedback. Our case studyexamines a pre-grasping task where a Robotiq 3F gripper is required to navigatetowards a free-floating moving target, pursue it, and subsequently positionitself at the desired pre-grasp location. We assessed our approach through aseries of experiments in both simulated and real-world environments. The sourcecode, along with recordings of real-world robot grasping, is available atFanuc_Robotiq_Grasp.


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