An unsupervised approach towards promptable defect segmentation in laser-based additive manufacturing by Segment Anything

  • 2024-06-10 18:35:23
  • Israt Zarin Era, Imtiaz Ahmed, Zhichao Liu, Srinjoy Das
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Foundation models are currently driving a paradigm shift in computer visiontasks for various fields including biology, astronomy, and robotics amongothers, leveraging user-generated prompts to enhance their performance. In themanufacturing domain, accurate image-based defect segmentation is imperative toensure product quality and facilitate real-time process control. However, suchtasks are often characterized by multiple challenges including the absence oflabels and the requirement for low latency inference among others. To addressthese issues, we construct a framework for image segmentation using astate-of-the-art Vision Transformer (ViT) based Foundation model (SegmentAnything Model) with a novel multi-point prompt generation scheme usingunsupervised clustering. Utilizing our framework we perform porositysegmentation in a case study of laser-based powder bed fusion (L-PBF) andobtain high accuracy without using any labeled data to guide the prompt tuningprocess. By capitalizing on lightweight foundation model inference combinedwith unsupervised prompt generation, we envision constructing a real-timeanomaly detection pipeline that could revolutionize current laser additivemanufacturing processes, thereby facilitating the shift towards Industry 4.0and promoting defect-free production along with operational efficiency.


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