Equivariant Neural Tangent Kernels

  • 2024-06-10 18:43:13
  • Philipp Misof, Pan Kessel, Jan E. Gerken
  • 0


Equivariant neural networks have in recent years become an importanttechnique for guiding architecture selection for neural networks with manyapplications in domains ranging from medical image analysis to quantumchemistry. In particular, as the most general linear equivariant layers withrespect to the regular representation, group convolutions have been highlyimpactful in numerous applications. Although equivariant architectures havebeen studied extensively, much less is known about the training dynamics ofequivariant neural networks. Concurrently, neural tangent kernels (NTKs) haveemerged as a powerful tool to analytically understand the training dynamics ofwide neural networks. In this work, we combine these two fields for the firsttime by giving explicit expressions for NTKs of group convolutional neuralnetworks. In numerical experiments, we demonstrate superior performance forequivariant NTKs over non-equivariant NTKs on a classification task for medicalimages.


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