Data Augmentation for Multivariate Time Series Classification: An Experimental Study

  • 2024-06-10 18:58:02
  • Romain Ilbert, Thai V. Hoang, Zonghua Zhang
  • 0


Our study investigates the impact of data augmentation on the performance ofmultivariate time series models, focusing on datasets from the UCR archive.Despite the limited size of these datasets, we achieved classification accuracyimprovements in 10 out of 13 datasets using the Rocket and InceptionTimemodels. This highlights the essential role of sufficient data in trainingeffective models, paralleling the advancements seen in computer vision. Ourwork delves into adapting and applying existing methods in innovative ways tothe domain of multivariate time series classification. Our comprehensiveexploration of these techniques sets a new standard for addressing datascarcity in time series analysis, emphasizing that diverse augmentationstrategies are crucial for unlocking the potential of both traditional and deeplearning models. Moreover, by meticulously analyzing and applying a variety ofaugmentation techniques, we demonstrate that strategic data enrichment canenhance model accuracy. This not only establishes a benchmark for futureresearch in time series analysis but also underscores the importance ofadopting varied augmentation approaches to improve model performance in theface of limited data availability.


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